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I sincerely mean it when I say that it’s truly my pleasure to help you with your photography. If you have a suggestion about a video you’d like me to make, or an article you’d like me to write, please let me know.

I choose to keep my videos free. If you appreciate my videos please show your support. I have hundreds of thousands of people watching my videos and really only a few dozen that show their support.

You Can Help


Make a donation via PayPal. PayPal is safe and secure and the easiest way to donate money to help this site sustain and grow.

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I’m not sure why more people don’t take advantage of Patreon to support creators such as myself. Many can afford $1 a month and if everyone who enjoys my videos would pledge $1 a month for one year, I could make super professional quality videos and hire a production staff and models.

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Your credit/debit card is charged the monthly pledge amount you specify at the beginning of each month — usually between the first and third of the month