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Installing Presets Using a Mac Computer

Some Safari Web Browsers on Mac computers are set up to automatically unzip a file when it’s downloaded. Lightroom will not install the presets unless they’re zipped so, to get them installed, you must do one of two things:

1.) You can re-zip it. Right-click on the folder of presets — if your Mac doesn’t have right-click setup, instead, hold the control key in while clicking on the folder of presets.

Once you do that, a little menu will appear — go down to Compress “Morganti Lightroom Presets” and your Mac will compress (Zip) the folder and put it in the same location as the original folder.

Next, install that zip file in Lightroom as I do in this video:

Or, Do This:

2.) Open your Safari Web Browser. Go to Safari > Preferences. On the preferences dialog box, go to the first tab, General. At the bottom, uncheck the box, “Open Safe Files After Downloading”. Close preferences. Close Safari then download the presets again — because you unchecked that box, Safari won’t automatically unzip the file and you’ll be able to install the presets in Lightroom.