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Code of Ethics

It is important to me that I genuinely believe in everything that I present on my website, YouTube channel and social media. I will never say something is good and worth buying because I’d be earning money off of your purchase. It has to be something that I’m currently using or would use myself.

With that in mind, I need to disclose the following:

Personal Biases

Although I always try to do my best to be impartial, we all have our personal biases that are difficult to ignore. Because of that, on some occasions, I may be dead wrong. If that happens, I will do my best to update and correct it.

Affiliate Marketing

I am an affiliate for several companies. As of the writing of this, the companies I’m an affiliate for are:

  • Adobe Systems
  • Adorama
  • Amazon
  • B&H Photo Video
  • eBay
  • Exposure Software (Formerly Alien Skin Software)
  • On1 Software
  • Peak Design
  • Skylum Software
  • Smugmug
  • Topaz Labs Software

I earn a commission when people use my unique links to purchase anything from the companies listed above. The percentage I earn varies from company to company and in some instances, changes by product purchased. It does not cost the buyer any more money, and in some cases, I have personal discount codes for the customer that will save them money.

Most importantly, when it comes to my affiliations, I use the product and believe in the company. I use all the products from the software companies listed above, and I regularly purchase from Adorama, B&H, Amazon, and eBay.

Rest assured if a company I’m an affiliate for puts out a lousy product or provides poor service, I will say so. Those that watch my videos know that if I don’t like a feature of a product or don’t feel that a product I’m demoing does a particular function well or as well as a competing product, I will mention it.

Equipment Reviews

Although I consider myself to be an equipment geek, reviewing gear is not my strongest trait, although there are times I do. If I’m doing a product review, I acquire the product one of four ways:

  • It’s on a product I purchased myself and paid retail.
  • B&H Photo-Video loaned me the product for review — Unfortunately for me, I cannot keep any product B&H loans me — I’m required to return it within 30 days, or else they’ll charge my credit card the full retail price.
  • I get rentals from LensProToGo that I use for review purposes.
  • A company may give me a product for free for my review. If they do, I make it clear to them that I’ll be giving an honest review, and it might be possible that I will not like their product.

Whenever I do a review, I will state how I received the product — personal purchase, loan from B&H Photo-Video, rental from LensProToGo, or given to me, for free, for a review. I will never do a paid review.

Your Data

When you purchase a downloadable product from me, I will receive your name, home address, and email address. I will never sell or share your data.

If you purchase from any of the companies I’m an affiliate for, know that they never share your personal information with me. For example, if you are buying Luminar Neo from Skylum Software using my affiliate link and discount code, I will get a report that someone purchased Luminar Neo and what my commission is, but Skylum will not tell me anything about the person who bought it. None of the companies listed above share their customer’s personal information with me.

Read my full privacy policy HERE.


I have a newsletter that is administered through Substack. I will never sell the list of people subscribing to my newsletter. Also, be aware that since the newsletter is administered via Substack, they have their own terms of service that you can READ HERE.

Code of Ethics Updates

I will regularly review my Code of Ethics and update this page accordingly.