What’s NEW in Luminar Neo ver 1.19.1


In this tutorial, I demonstrate some of the more notable new features found in the latest release of Luminar Neo – version 1.19.1.

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Luminar Neo 1.19.1: Skylum’s Press Release:

We’re excited to present the hugely anticipated Luminar Neo 1.19.1 update, full of powerful features and convenient improvements – plus, a fresh new look. Enjoy two cutting-edge AI-powered tools. Water Enhancer AI helps you adjust and refine the color of any body of water. Let the AI identify water in the frame, or specify areas for selective adjustments. Enrich the blue tones of seas and pools, adding vibrancy. Or play with green tones, making rivers and lakes accentuate lush scenery. Adjust the appearance of the water by refining its brightness, contrast, and depth to meet your exact preferences. Twilight Enhancer AI enriches your landscapes with natural lighting and color effects of the blue and golden hours using a single slider. You can also quickly apply Presets curated for twilight effects, adjust the sky’s appearance for temperature, tint, exposure, and horizon blend. Or simulate the dawn’s subtle, warm gradient of light by adjusting the scale, intensity, and hue. You’ll also see: Batch Processing if you have access to the HDR Merge Extension. Handle multiple image batches at once (up to 1000 images), saving valuable time. Create dynamic brackets with drag-and-drop organization, or delete brackets quickly, keeping your workspace organized. A new switch in the Settings for turning on or off the Dynamic Background mode. Choose between a solid background color or a blurred image. A new Landscape category in the Tools tab that has all your favorite tools for enhancing natural scenery at your fingertips. A more flexible and faster masking workflow. Object Select AI creates a precise mask of an object in an image in one click. While Luminosity isolates different tonal ranges and applies selective adjustments to highlights, midtones, and shadows. Support for new cameras, including: Sony A9 III, Hasselblad CFV 100C, Leica SL3, OM System OM-1 Mark II, and Pentax K-3 Mark III Monochrome. Improved results for GenErase and GenSwap. On top of that, you’ll see a fresh design that adds to the convenience of Luminar Neo. It includes a brand-new icon, a fresh animation in the Tools panel, an improved look for values on sliders, an updated knob slider, the label ‘NEW’ for finding new tools faster, accent colors in black and soft yellow, a new Export button on the top bar, and a completely new action panel with the name of the image and waiting statuses that inform you with the real-time status of your actions when you’re loading and processing photos in Luminar Neo. And if that wasn’t enough, we’ve caught and fixed a lot of bugs. Install the new update now, and experience the power of the updated Luminar Neo on your own photos. We can’t wait to see what you create!