What’s NEW in Topaz Photo AI ver 1.3.1


In this video, I demo the latest version of Topaz Labs Photo AI, version 1.3.1.

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What’s New in Version 1.3.0:

  • Updated Motion & Lens blur models to new generalized Strong Sharpen model with less artifacts and greater slider sensitivity
  • Thumbnails for all file types should now be displayed
  • Updated ExifTool from 12.56 to 12.60 (ExifTool version history 55)
  • Fixed not recommending Sharpen when blur was low, but preferences included low
  • Sharpen now has minimum recommended slider values when enabled when Autopilot is on
  • Autopilot will now enable Remove Noise and/or Sharpen when noise or blur is high even if Upscaling is on
  • Fixed thumbnail tooltip showing values below their normal range
  • Fixed exporting not working after a certain large amount of images
  • Fixed various file size estimate issues
  • Fixed hiding the file list making the app think it was not in batch mode
  • Fixed issues with some text having poor margins
  • Added ability to double click slider to reset to Autopilot value
  • Added menu items for My Products under Account

What’s New in Version 1.3.1:

  • Improved Standard Enhance model
    – Fixed blurriness that can occasionally happen in bright highlighted regions
    – More robust to strong JPEG compression
    – More natural faces
  • Added preference for enabling legacy Sharpen models
    – Can be found under General tab in Preferences
  • Improved thumbnail hover tooltip
  • Changed logic for showing close image warning
  • Changed “Technical Support” Help menu item to “Support”, changed to link to our new Docs platform 26
  • Standardized done button when refining mask, selecting faces, or cropping
  • Added error message when dragging and dropping unsupported files
  • Fixed some large images not generating thumbnails
  • Fixed trackpad scrolling behavior in the update dialog
  • Fixed inconsistent capitalization of “RAW”
  • Fixed BMP not being importable from open dialog on Windows
  • Fixed blank space in export dialog caused by scrolling while exporting

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