13 Street Photography Mistakes


Mistakes tend to occur with every photographer, no matter their expertise or professionalism in a specific matter. Street photography is one of the most common areas where photographers make mistakes. It’s challenging to find a nice blend of capturing a scene around you and demonstrating an artistic mixture to it.

On one hand, street photography should be about blending in with the scene while taking photos, whereas the other point is to capture a moment someone would look at and admire for its artistic expression. Whatever the case might be, there are ways to improve as a street photographer, primarily with practice and by learning from others. With this in mind, above is a video that details 13 street photography mistakes. Give it a viewing!

  1. Letting fear get in the way
  2. Not concentrating
  3. Expecting too much
  4. Walking too fast
  5. Avoid the cliches
  6. Being too far away
  7. Being creepy
  8. ISO too low
  9. Not having a plan
  10. Too much editing
  11. Being obsessed with gear
  12. Everything at eye level
  13. Lack of originality


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