5 Photography Ideas to Help Find Your Direction | Kyle McDougall


There is no better way to get the most out of your photography than to head out and try some new photography ideas. As great as it is to practice your craft, analyzing some YouTube videos for ideas and tips can benefit you even more. It’s quite remarkable what the platform offers from a lesson and idea perspective.

As said by Kyle McDougall, it’s fairly easy to get caught up creating images that feel like they lack meaning. McDougall’s video highlights 5 photography ideas to help find your direction, including ideas, challenges, and projects. The ideas are worth considering, no matter your expertise and photography niche.

The Ideas:

  • Who is your work for?
  • Physical object challenge (transferring your images in a physical medium).
  • Create an online hub for your work.
  • Embrace limitations and the idea of less is more.
  • Sell and develop prints of your work.


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