5 Critical Components of Photography


It’s no secret that photography is as complicated as a subject as it is. Even diving into photography with the sole purpose of making it a hobby is quite a challenging effort. Thankfully, there are more tutorials available than ever before, allowing people the ability to learn photography.

Still, there is a lot more to photography than just learning on the technical side. With this in mind, let’s take a look at 5 critical components of photography that every photographer should know.

1. Knowing Composition

Although we just mentioned that technicality isn’t the most fundamental part of photography, composition is a part of that technical spectrum. Knowing how to frame a photo and what lens is applicable for a specific shot can go a long way with how well your photos turn out. Plus, the composing side isn’t too tricky to learn. Most people can get a basic sense of composition within no time.

2. Understanding Light

Light is arguably the most crucial part of photography. No matter what style you hope to do, without enough light or even having too much light can significantly hinder your ability to take the best shot. Although understanding the technicality of a camera can help you get around tricky lighting situations, it’s always beneficial to be as knowledgeable as you can be with light.

3. Looking For The Right Color Tone

Similar to the notion of understanding light, the same thing can be said for color. Color is obviously a comprehensive term, but when it comes to photography it’s more or less how you want the color in your photos to pop. It can be as simple as a dull rainy day that’s filled with a bleak look, or it can be highly colorful in a field of flowers. Either way, make sure you’re aware of how you want the color of a photo to stick out.

4. Having a Portfolio

Even if you’re only looking to get into photography for creative and hobbyist purposes, it’s still a worthwhile experience to have a proper portfolio to go along with it. You never know when someone might become interested in your work. Even if it’s just a way to showcase what you’ve done, a portfolio can be beneficial. Plus, you never know how far you’d like to take your photography someday.

5. Upgrading Gear When Necessary

When it comes to the idea of upgrading gear, this isn’t necessarily from a snobby point of view where you need to have the best gear imaginable at all times. Everyone has different financial situations. Still, if you can manage to save a few bucks to upgrade your gear as you advance in photography, it’ll be worthwhile for you to do so. Many say you’re only as good as your gear will take you, so don’t be afraid to upgrade.


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