Victor Friedman: High Society Hairdresser’s Secret Life as Street Photographer


Photographers of all levels can learn quite a bit from iconic figures, especially Victor Friedman, a name not as recognized as William Klein or Diane Arbus but equally as groundbreaking. Friedman sadly passed away a few months ago, but his work will live on for years to come. Watch the video above for more information regarding Friedman or take a gander below for the video’s quick description of who Friedman was:

By day Victor Friedman was a high society hairdresser tending to Manhattan’s moneyed matrons. But away from the salon patronized by the likes of Jackie Kennedy and Marilyn Monroe, Victor spent his time in New York City’s more down-at-heel locales pursuing his passion for photography.

For more than 40 years, until his recent retirement from the coiffure trade, 83-year-old Victor straddled these two disparate worlds giving him a unique insight into the high and the low of New York society, as well as a treasure trove of stories and images of a city that has largely disappeared.


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