GOOD NEWS on Luminar Neo


I had another affiliate zoom call with Skylum software concerning Luminar Neo. In this video, I talk about the new things I learned about this software.

One thing I forgot to mention in the video is that I’m not upset that Skylum is releasing a Luminar Neo, 1-year after Luminar AI. All software publishers do this and I guess I’m used to it. For example, on any day, On1 will be releasing On1 Photo Raw 2022, and in December, Capture One 22 will come out. Each being released about a year after their previous versions and both are paid upgrades. I have no problem with Skylum having a paid upgrade to Luminar AI but, when at first, they didn’t plan to convert the AI catalog to the Neo catalog, it’s no longer an upgrade but instead a new product that would be getting all of their attention. So, I’m very happy that AI to Neo catalog conversion will be happening.

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