Photo Critique – David Dye


In this video, I critique the work of David Dye.

(I was overly wordy in the video — my apologies)

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****** I will not be able to critique everyone’s images ******

I mentioned previously that when I first began my channel, I did portfolio reviews. After I stopped, over the years, I’ve had numerous people message me requesting that I do them again. So, I decided to bring them back, but I’m getting second thoughts after doing this video. 

I’m not sure how a person’s disembodied voice (mine) can be properly received, processed, and understood by the person receiving a critical critique of their images. The proper way to do this is person to person, face to face, where the photographer sees my expression and emotion and I see theirs. 

I can say something that I think is constructive but it comes out hurtful and in this format, I have no way of knowing that. Person to person, face to face, I would realize that I didn’t convey what I wanted properly and can react and adjust accordingly — apologize if needed. 

I’ll be rethinking this. You can still send in images — if I decide to abandon these types of videos, I’ll email everyone that sent in images telling them so and I’ll post about it on my website. 

Thank you, as always, for watching and for your kind understanding.