Street Photography Misconceptions (People, Gear, & Legal Rights)


Unwritten rules make up a large portion of what you can and cant do with certain art forms, especially with photography. However, as useful as some rules are for gaining the required baseline of photography expertise, people sometimes follow them too closely, hampering their ability to truly try something new.

Street photography is the antithesis of a transfixing subject in the sense that it involves a person capturing the distinct ethos of a city, causing anyone to feel the particular emotion from that image. Images vary from being abstract to more straightforward, but all of them dispatch some sort of sensation. 

Above is an excellent video that details a number of street photography misconceptions regarding people, gear, and legal rights. Faizal Westcotts primary motif in the video details the broad notion of street photography, highlighting how people dont have to pigeonhole themselves to follow a particular kind of style. Make photography what you want it to be and get creative!


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