The Spain No One Sees: 10 Days of Solo Travel and Photography on the Wild Northern Coast


Traveling and photography tend to go hand and hand with one another, as photographers tend to always be searching for the perfect shot. Whether that shot is right in their own neighborhood while they venture around or on a more in-depth journey across seas, all of it plays a critical role with photography.

Above is a video from photographer Brian Lackey, and his 10-day solo trip across Spain’s wild northern coast. Any video that details such an inquisitive look into a personal solo-trip is always fascinating, but especially when it’s in such a unique location. Definitely give it a viewing. The places visited on the trip are listed below.

Places Visited:

Day 1: Cantabria (Playa del Portio, Santander)

Day 2: Cantabria (Faro Cabo Mayor Lighthouse, Fuente De)

Day 3: Asturias (Picos de Europa National Park, Ruta del Cares, Mirador del Naranjo de Bulnes)

Day 4: Galicia (Praia das Catedrais, Serantes)

Day 5: Galicia (Costa de Dexo, Seixo Branco, Fragas do Eume, Faro do Cabo Prior)

Day 6: Long Drive (through Galicia, Castile y Leon, and La Rioja)

Day 7: La Rioja (Logroño)

Day 8: Navarra (Bardenas Reales), Basque Country (Gorbeiako Parke Naturala)

Day 9: Navarra (Nacedero del Urederra), Basque Country (Bakio, Mundaka)

Day 10: Basque Country (Bakio, Bilbao)


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