Where to Look For The Best Photos of 2020


The end of the year is here, meaning it’s time for anyone with a little bit of photography interest to look through the various lists available surrounding the best photos of 2020. As a way to help with this inquiry, down below will list off and link several websites and magazines that have excellent lists regarding this topic. Let’s take a look!

CNN’s 2020 The Year in Pictures

As terrible as this year has been for so many people, it’s always a fond moment to look back at the year’s notable events through photography. CNN has an excellent montage of the year in pictures; definitely give it a viewing.

Los Angeles Times’ Photos of the Year

Similar to CNN, the LA Times has a great display of photographs throughout the year, but in the beautiful city of Los Angeles. Definitely check it out, as it has a great recap of some memorable events from the year in the city.

NYT’s Year in Pictures

For yet another news publication with a wide range of photographs throughout the year, the New York Times always does an excellent job at compiling various photos that are worth your attention. 

Getty’s Year in Review

Considering Getty Images is a visual media company, it only makes sense for them to have a large display of photographs dedicated to the year in review. Give the photos a viewing as they’re amongst the best.

National Geographic’s 10 Unforgettable Images

There aren’t as many magazines that are as pre-eminent in the photography world like National Geographic. For a significantly narrowed list concerning the best photos of 2020, check out National Geographic’s 10 Unforgettable Images; you won’t be disappointed.

Reuter’s Pictures of the Year 2020

Although not as detailed as some of the other choices on this list, there are still several worthwhile photos to look at from Reuter’s Pictures of the Year 2020. Plus, the more photography, the better! So, have at it!

Women Photograph: 2020 Year in Pictures

Women Photograph: 2020 Year in Pictures is an excellent presentation of photos from some of the best women in the field. Definitely give this list a detailed viewing as some of the photos on it are mind-boggling.

The Washington Post’s Best Photos Of 2020

Going back to news publications and their yearly review of 2020 through photography, take a look at The Washington Post’s Best Photos of 2020 as it features some of the best photos for us to consume.

AP’s Best Of

Last up on our list, we have AP’s Best Of, an immaculate list that captures the distressed year of 2020 with some of the best photos the world will ever see. Out of all of these lists, make sure you check this one out.


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