$1,500.00 Donated to Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center


You may remember that I promised that I’d donate 100% of my earnings form the 5DayDeal to charity — specifically, the Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center. I said that I’d make that donation as soon as the folks at 5DayDeal pay me my commission but, I changed my mind. I likely won’t see that money for 60 days so I decided to simply make the donation right away. Below you’ll see a screenshot from 5DayDeal showing that I earned, $1,366.20.

I decided to round it up to a total $1,500.00. Below you’ll see the proof that this morning, I made the donation in that amount to Roswell Park.

A HUGE THANK YOU to those of you that put up with my annoying emails about the 5DayDeal and an even BIGGER THANK YOU to those of you that purchased the deal using my affiliate link. Because of you I was able to make this donation. I chose to designate the money be used for cancer research because the research they do at Roswell Park benefits everyone in the world, not just those from my community.