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Photography is an exciting art form in an innumerable number of ways, it’s difficult to explain to someone who isn’t familiar with the subject. Basically, it’s more than just taking a picture. It’s a lifestyle, commitment, investment, knowledge, growth, and is one of the most popular creative endeavors. With the broad subject of photography in mind, is technicality or creativity more important for photography? Although this might seem obvious to some photographers, it’s a bit more complicated than you might realize.

The vast majority of photographers might lean more heavily toward creativity as being more important than the technical side of things. However, most professional and creative photographers have a deep understanding of the technicality behind photography. On the other hand, even photographers who understand how a camera and editing work might not be the most creative or expressive photographers. Thus, the question remains, is technicality or creativity more important for photography?


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Although the creative realm of photography is crucial, one can’t argue the importance of the technical side. It’s virtually impossible to master the craft of photography without genuinely understanding how everything related to the field entirely operates. Obviously, there’s a bare minimum required for professionals to know, but does knowing more about the technical side of photography help a person’s creative element?

It’s an interesting notion to reflect on the relationship between technicality and creativity, especially in photography. Concerning the bare minimum, understanding aperture, shutter speed, shot elements, and more seem to well-needed amongst all forms of photography. On the other hand, is it possible to master photography without knowing any of this?

There are certainly some photographers who created a distinguished career for themselves without knowing everything on the technical side. However, on the grand scheme of photography, the importance of technicality can’t be ignored. Plus, some might argue that having a more profound knowledge of the technicality of photography will only help a person’s creativity.


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When discussing the realm of photography, most will argue about the importance of creativity. Even someone who is a technical master at taking photos, but isn’t creative, might have a difficult time coming up with unique and interesting work. Like anything else, originality and creativity are a cohesive unit.

Speaking hypothetically is always an odd effort in and of itself, but can creativity be taught like technicality? Or is it a part of the human mind that isn’t teachable, meaning it’s something individuals learn early on their life. No matter the case, no one can argue about the importance of creativity, especially in photography.

Unlike anything technical related, creativity is a lot more challenging to learn. The only true to improve your own creativity is through practice. As you get better at something, your creative side tends to come out more. Thus, why the question of technicality is being discussed amidst this questioning of the two.


Comparing the elements of technicality and creativity is an interesting effort. Claiming one is more important than the other is impossible, but every photographer needs both in order to thrive. It’s certainly possible to operate without one. Still, virtually every well-known photographer has the creative element, as well as a deep technical understanding. Either way, both aspects will certainly help each other if adequately improved.

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