Install Your OWN LUTs in LUMINAR


In this tutorial I demonstrate how to install your own LUTs into Luminar 4 so they appear in the Color Styles (LUTS) filter.

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If you’re interested in my DONATIONWARE Film Simulation LUTs, you can find them here:

I have a bunch of other DONATIONWARE LUTs as well. You can find those here:

*All of my LUT files work in any application that uses 3d .CUBE LUT files so, they will work in other apps beside Luminar 4.

My Recommended Gear List:

Windows 10 Path:

C:\Program Files\Skylum\Luminar 4\Data\LutFiles

Procedure for Mac Computers:

Open Finder
Double click on ‘Applications’ folder
Ctrl+Click on ‘Luminar 4’ Application icon
Select ‘Show Package Contents’ from drop down menu
Double click on ‘contents’ folder
Double click on ‘frameworks’ folder
Double click on ‘MPLuminar4Resources.framework’ folder
Double Click on ‘Resources’ folder
Double click on ‘DefaultLUTs’ Folder
Copy the folder containing you LUTs into this folder

Start Luminar 4 and your new LUTs will now show within the Color Styles (LUT) Filter in addition to Luminar’s built in LUTs.

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Two Women: Image by Anastasia Gepp from Pixabay

Woman sitting on steps: Image by Vlad Bitte from Pixabay