10 Photography YouTube Channels Every Photographer Should Check Out


No matter your expertise with photography, learning is a fundamental part of the art form. It’s important to continually grow as a photographer, and there are countless ways to properly learn as one. Luckily, today there are countless online resources dedicated to the world of photography. More importantly, there’s an abundance of YouTube channels for virtually every topic pertaining to photography.

With the subject of photography in mind, in this article, we’re going to highlight 10 photography YouTube channels every photographer should check out. These channels will offer you a plethora of information related to the subject. Whether it’s gear reviews, tutorials, lessons, or photography vlogs, these channels will offer you something useful for your own photography knowledge. Let’s take a look!

1. Peter Mckinnon

Various videos teaching photography and videography. Uploads roughly once a week.

2. Tony and Chelsea Northrup

Photography tips, tutorials, news, and reviews. As well as photoshop and lightroom tips. Uploads roughly once every other day.

3. Jared Polin

Fun and informative videos dedicated to teaching people how to take better photos. Plus an abundance of gear reviews and news. Uploads once a day.

4. B&H Photo

Channel and website dedicated to teaching and inspiring photographers through daily videos of tips and tricks. Uploads once a day.

5. Vuhlandes

Photography and videography lessons/vlog channel. Compelling and interesting videos related to the two subjects. Uploads once a day.

6. Julia Trotti

Channel that features everything related to photography tutorials, tips, and lessons. Uploads a few times per week.

7. FStoppers

Channel and website dedicated to creating a community of photographers, videographers, and other creative professionals focused on sharing reviews, photo tutorials, and news. Uploads once a day.

8. Kai W

Photography vlog channel dedicated to tips and gear comparisons. Uploads a few times per week.

9. Mango Street

Simple and informative photography tutorials that don’t waste your time. Uploads once a week.

10. Irene Rudnyk

Photography tutorials, lessons, tips, and photo challenges all in one place. Uploads once a week.


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Thumbnail Photo by Ajeet Mestry on Unsplash