How to Improve as a Photographer 2020


The history of photography is a long one, and as a result, it’s always changing and evolving as an art form.

Luckily, today there are countless more resources to help beginners get better at photography in retrospect to the 17th century. Even in comparison to the late 20th century, the landscape of learning photography is a lot more accessible and straightforward than it once was.

Down below, we’re going to highlight exactly how you can improve as a photographer in 2020. These tips are great for beginners, but they still apply to veterans of the craft. The reality is everyone can grow as a photographer since it’s impossible to master. Let’s get started!

Understand the Basics

A lot of amateur photographers have a great eye on capturing a photo, but lack understanding of the technical side of things. Although the artistic vision is more important in photography, every photographer must understand how their camera operates.

Quickly going through your camera’s manual is a great way to understand how your camera works. Watching tutorials and lessons pertaining to the basics of photography is another foundation related to understanding the basics.

Practice as Much as Possible

Practice makes perfect. To improve in anything, you need to put an endless amount of time into it. The notion of time is especially important when it comes to photography. A simple solution is to create a daily schedule and see what time each day you can go out shooting. There are 24 hours in a day, use some of them for photography.

Learn Online and From Other Photographers

The emergence and evolution of the internet has become an epicenter for learning various skills, art forms, musical instruments, and much more. Utilize blogs, articles, and videos related to photography for your advantage.

For example, if you’re interested in learning Lightroom, there are countless lightroom tutorials on YouTube that are completely free. Not to mention the abundance of camera tutorials, reviews, improvement videos, and much more. Outside of watching and reading lessons online, look for more experienced photographers to learn how they improve. This can be either online or even someone you know locally.

Watch Documentaries About Other Photographers

Inspiration plays a significant factor in someone’s ability to improve. Whether you have a favorite photographer or not, consider watching a few documentaries or interviews about them. If they don’t have a documentary available, try to find their website and search for a blog. At the very least, they’ll most likely have an Instagram that they use to share their work.

Venture Off into Other Styles

If you find yourself hitting a plateau in the current style endeavor you’re in with photography, try venturing elsewhere. If you’re a macro photographer, try landscape photography. If you’re a portrait photographer, try street photography. The examples are endless, but it’s always a good idea to try new and exciting fields related to photography as a way to improve.

Upgrade Gear as You Improve

As you find yourself improving in photography, it’s essential you upgrade your gear along the way. Photography is a significant investment, and not having the proper equipment can significantly hinder your growth. They make beginner cameras for a reason, and once you outgrow yours, it’s time for a new one.


When it comes to improving as a photographer, it entirely depends on your work ethic and what you put in it. If you’re striving to have a vision of your own with photography, you can achieve it as long as you work. Waiting for accomplishments to come to you is not reality.

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