What’s a Photography Brand and How to Build One


By now, the vast majority of us have heard the word “brand” thrown around from time to time. Whether it concerns a company like Microsoft or a street-wear fashion sense, a brand is what makes a company and a person unique to itself.

Now, you might be wondering how branding has anything to do with photography and what it has to do with you. The truth is, building a photography brand is especially crucial in today’s environment. It’s nearly impossible to properly thrive as a photographer in the 21st century without a proper branding attachment.

Well, what’s a photography brand? Although this might seem like a complicated manner, it’s not. Yes, a brand is more complicated than a simple logo, but it’s a comprehensive and straightforward manner altogether. However, not having a proper brand can severely impact your career as a photographer.

What’s a Photography Brand?

The best way to explain brand photography is through a visual understanding. Think of photography branding as the visual representation of what you or your business represents. Not only is it a logo per se, but it’s catchphrases, your appearance, personality, text, color, design, etc.

Whether you’re a solo photographer looking to burst out onto the scene or a group of photographers banding together to create the next best photography business, branding is key to thriving in either scenario. We all want to succeed, right?

Now that we’ve covered what a photography brand is, how do you go about building one? Well, let’s take a look:

How Do I Build a Photography Brand?

Whether it’s photography or not, it doesn’t take a pure genius to figure out a perfect brand for you. It might take you a little bit of time to get it perfect, but don’t rush it. Although it’s not as hard as you might think, never rush anything that has to do with your craft of photography. Here a few tips for building your brand as a photographer:

1.    Logo

This is a bit of a no-brainer, but you’ll need a logo. Even if you’re by yourself, make sure you get a professional logo designed for yourself. Don’t try to rush it, do it yourself, or have a friend who has little experience do it. Do a simple google search for graphic artists, and get one designed. Keep in mind, the logo should represent who you are as a person and a photographer.

2.    Personality

Ever hear someone tell you to be yourself? When it comes to your brand, make sure it’s a representation of who you are. Don’t ever try to have a misrepresentation online of who you are, what you photograph, and your aspirations. Always be honest and have an overall design through social media, your website, video content, and much more that represents your preferences and values.

3.    Engage

Since photography has turned to the online world for the last ten years, it’s a lot easier for us to engage our clients. With this in mind, properly engage clients and people throughout your social media presence, website, newsletter, video content, contests, and much more. Get creative with it, and whatever you do, make sure it’s a representation of what you and your brand have to offer.


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