MIMIC the COLOR GRADING of a PHOTO Using Photoshop (Lightroom too!)


I almost didn’t post this video because:

1.) I blab a lot in it. Sorry about that.
2.) In it, I’m teaching how to imitate the color another photographer achieves in their images. Whenever I teach how to “imitate” or “mimic” something, the haters come out. Of course, I’m teaching techniques that hopefully help you develop something original for yourself but many won’t acknowledge that. I’d appreciate it if you could take it easy on me with your negative comments. Thank you.
3.) I neglected to mention that mimicking the color is only part of the deal. You still need to process the image to your liking.

In this video, I talk about one of my favorite photographers, Maria Svarbova. Her Instagram is here:

Adobe’s website I show in the video is here:
You’ll have to login to your Creative Cloud account to access all of the features.

You can find a lot of great info about color themes here:

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