No matter what level you classify yourself as a photographer, there are countless photography blogs and websites geared for every subject in the picture-taking realm. Whether you’re searching for a blog meant for learning photography, or for pure photography news and opinions, this list will have it covered. Be sure to check out each one for yourself, and see what each blog can offer you as a photographer. Let’s take a look!

1.   fStoppers

A fantastic website dedicated to photography news and tutorials with a community-driven focus. It’s one of the most popular photography websites for a reason, and it’s a must-visit for any photographer.

2.   PetaPixel

PetaPixel features various articles and blogs on photography news, equipment, tutorials, and much more. Certainly worth a visit, and is one of my favorite photography-driven websites.

3.   Digital Photography School

Given its name, Digital Photography School is a one-stop place to learn everything pertaining to photography. They offer daily tips, resources, free tutorials to enhance everyone’s photographer’s capabilities.

4.   The Phoblographer

Since their emergence over ten years ago, The Phoblographer bridges tech and creative photography onto one central place. They have an onslaught of information to select from, such as photography news, gear reviews, tips, and much more.

5.   Picture Correct

Picture Correct is an excellent resource for photographers looking for photography tips and techniques. With a simple navigation on their website, you can find information geared for beginners and more experienced photographers.

6.   DPReview

Specializing in buying guides and reviews, Digital Photography Review, otherwise known as DPReview, is an excellent resource for all of you gear-heads out there. Expect to find countless articles on equipment, gear recommendations, specific reviews, and much more.

7.   Light Stalking

For a straightforward photography blog, Light Stalking is an excellent choice for photographers. Expect to find a wide variety of tips, news, and opinions related to their blog.

8.   Back Country Gallery

Back Country Gallery is an excellent resource for those of you interested in wildlife and landscape photography. The site offers tips and resources meant for the wildlife and landscape niche, but it’s undoubtedly useful for all photographers.

9.   SLR Lounge

SLR Lounge is a fantastic website dedicated to providing photographers with endless resources related to photography tutorials and teaching. Some of their features include workshops, editing tips, gear recommendations, and much more.

10.  Shutterbug

Similar to fStoppers, Shutterbug offers a wide variety of information related to the art form of photography. Expect to find reviews, news, lessons, tutorials, galleries, videos, and much more.

11.  Adorama 42 West Learning Center

Tons of how-to articles on not only photography, but also on video, audio, and tech. Articles range from beginner to expert and Adorama is always updating it with new content.


Remember to check out each of these blogs and websites to see which one is best for you. They’re all worth checking out in their own regard, and you’ll most likely turn to all of them at some point.

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