SUPER EASY DREAMY Lord of the Rings Look in Photoshop


In this tutorial I demonstrate how easy it is to create that dreamy, ethereal, Lord of the Rings look, using Photoshop. Very easy to do — you do not have to be a Photoshop expert to do this.

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Step by Step Instructions:

1.) Duplicate the background layer CMD/CTRL – J
2.) Make that new layer a Smart Object by Right-Clicking on it and choosing “Convert to Smart Object”
3.) Add Gaussian Blur to that Smart Object: Filter -Blur – Gaussian Blur
4.) Choose a pixel radius of between 5-15 to begin with
5.) Change the Blend Mode of that layer to either Screen, Lighten, Overlay, or Soft Light.
6.) Re-adjust Gaussian Blur if needed by double-clicking on “Gaussian” Blue in the layers stack.
7.) Optional: Adjust the opacity of the Smart Object layer to your personal taste

List of Keyboard Shortcuts:

Duplicate Layer: CMD/CTRL – J
Invert Layer: CMD/CTRL – I
Resize Brush with Bracket Keys: [ ]
Zoom In: CMD/CTRL – Plus Key
Zoom Out: CMD/CTRL – Minus Key
Fit to Screen: CMD/CTRL – Zero Key

Thank You!