How to CREATE a PENCIL DRAWING from a PHOTO in Photoshop CC


In this tutorial I demonstrate the easiest and most effective way that I’ve found to simulate a pencil sketch that is derived from an image, using Photoshop CC.

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Step by Step Instructions:

1.) Duplicate the layer CMD/CTRL – J
2.)Add a Black & White Adjustment Layer
3.) Click on the layer directly below the B&W Adjustment Layer
4.) Invert that layer by hitting CMD/CTRL – I
5.) Change the Blend Mode of that layer to Color Dodge
6.) Add a Gaussian Blur to that layer and adjust the radius to taste
7.) Optional: Add a Levels Adjustment Layer and move the Shadows Slider to the right to darken the effect.

List of Keyboard Shortcuts:

Duplicate Layer: CMD/CTRL – J
Invert Layer: CMD/CTRL – I
Resize Brush with Bracket Keys: [ ]
Zoom In: CMD/CTRL – Plus Key
Zoom Out: CMD/CTRL – Minus Key
Fit to Screen: CMD/CTRL – Zero Key

Thank You!