Take Part in the Loved & Lost Project


In 2009 Manchester Photographer Simon Bray lost his father. To help him deal with his loss, Simon found it helpful to talk about his dad, share with others the person he was, and to openly speak of his grief as he was dealing with his emotions.

To help others deal with their loss of a loved one, Simon started the Loved & Lost Project. Through the Loved & Loss Project, you’ll have the opportunity to acknowledge, share, and celebrate the person that was in your life that you lost.

What you’re asked to do is to find a photograph of you with that person, then go back to the spot where that picture was taken and replicate that photo. Of course, your loved one will be missing from this image.

Take a third picture of just you — this image is not a replica of the original image — it’s simply you. Visit THIS PAGE at the Loved & Lost Project website for complete instructions on participating and how to upload your images.

If you do participate and your photographs are posted to the project, drop me an email at the link at the bottom of this page — I’d love to see them and celebrate with you, the legacy of the person you lost.