MAC Users Need to Watch This Video About Setapp


In this video I talk about and demo SETAPP. With Setapp, one low monthly fee gives you access to 173+ different, fully working, MAC applications including several photography related apps such as Luminar Flex and Photolemur.

For more info, checkout Setapp for yourself — sign up for their free 1-week trial at the link below:

I am an affiliate for Setapp and the link above is my affiliate link.

Some common questions and answers:

1.) Are the programs limited, watered down, or crippled in any way?

No, all the apps are fully working and the same as if you purchased them directly.

2.) Do the applications run from my Mac or from Setapp”s servers?

The applications are downloaded and installed on your Mac exactly as they would if you purchased them direct from the publisher.

3.) If I cancel my subscription, will the apps keep working?

The apps will work until the day your next billing would have occurred at which time, they’ll stop working.

4.) Will I always have the latest version of the app?

On average, Setapp gets app updates two days after the publishers makes them available so, yes, you’ll get the latest version but updates may take a couple more days than if you purchased the app outright.