How to Avoid & FIX this Lightroom MISTAKE


In this video, I talk about a common Lightroom, and in-camera mistake, I see photographers make. I explain how to avoid the mistake when using Lightroom and what you can do in the field, in camera, to make sure you don’t encounter the problem.

To get an exposure reading off of the palm of your hand

1.) Put your camera in Spot-Metering Mode
2.) Use the Camera Mode you’d photography the scene in, Aperture Priority Mode or Shutter Priority Mode.
3.) Point and focus the camera on your palm, half press the shutter and note either the shutter speed if you’re in Aperture Priority Mode or, the Aperture if you’re in Shutter priority Mode.
4.) Switch your camera to Manual Mode and put in the, shutter, aperture, and ISO settings you derived in part 3.
5.) Photograph the scene and chimp the photo. If it’s underexposed, add exposure by using either a slower shutter speed or a wider aperture. If it’s overexposed, decrease exposure by using either a faster shutter speed or a smaller aperture. Note that instead of compensating the exposure that way, you can use the exposure compensation settings on your camera to accomplish the same thing.
6.) Once you get a proper exposure using either of the methods in #5, note what the amount of that exposure compensation is and you can always use it when getting the test exposure off of your palm. For example, if you find that to get a proper exposure, you needed to ADD one entire stop of exposure when doing the palm test, going forward, that will always be true so anytime you get a test exposure from the palm of your hand, you’ll know that when you switch to manual mode and dial in the settings, you’ll need to add one stop of exposure.

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