REVIEW: Freewell Variable ND Filters


In this video, I review and demo the new variable ND filters from Freewell.

In the video, I mentioned that you can download my test images, the images I took with the filters, for free. Unfortunately, it was very bright out when I had time to test out the filters so I didn’t achieve any long shutter speeds but the download should give you enough info to determine how good these filters are. For reference, for each image, I focused on a point directly between the two park benches. Engraved on the cement sidewalk near that point are some dedications so, if you zoom in, you should be able to determine how much the filters degraded the image, if at all. Download the images here:

The three files are:

_DSC2491.nef – No filter used

_DSC2492.nef – 2-5 stop filter used, dialed all the way up to 5.

_DSC2493.nef – 6-9 stop filter used, dialed all the way up to 9.

For more info about these ND filters and pricing, check them out on Amazon here:

Step-up Rings:

Note: Freewell did not pay me to do this video but they did send me the filters for free, for my review.

Gear used for the images:

Nikon D850:
Nikon 24-70mm F2.8 Lens:
Vanguard Tripod:
Siriu Ballhead:

Gear used to record the video:

Nikon Z6:
Nikon Z 24-70mm F4.0 Lens:
Osmo Pocket:

This video was rendered using Adobe Premiere Pro CC:

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