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IMPORTANT NOTE: I did not receive any monetary payment to do this video BUT, Intel did send me the laptop for free.

Recently, I was contacted by Intel about their 10th Generation, Core Processors. They explained how this new line of processors, with built in AI, 4K HDR, and new CPU and GPU architectures, can be a great benefit to the creative — that is artists, videographers, and photographers. They sent me a laptop for free and told me to see for myself. I was blown away with how effectively this seemingly underpowered laptop ran Lightroom. Furthermore, Intel supplies software publishers, a toolkit called OpenVINO, that allows them to easily take advantage of the new features found in these processors. Excire search is one software manufacturers that has rewritten their software to take advantage of the new features of the Intel Processor. In this video, I explain, and demo it.

My previous computer that I ran Lightroom and Excire Search on was a 15″ MacBook Pro, 16GB of Ram, and a 2.3GHz Quad Core i7 Processor.

The laptop shown in the video is a 13″ Dell with 16GB* of RAM, and a Quad Core, 1.3GHz – 1.5GHz 10th Generation Core i7 Processor. Dell states that this processor can be clocked to 3.9GHz but when I bring up the info panel of the computer, in Windows, it showing 1.5GHz.

*I misspoke in the video saying the laptop had 8GB of RAM.

Here is a spec sheet on the processor:

Here is the exact laptop that Intel sent me:

I am an affiliate for Excire. They too, did not pay me to do this video but I will earn a commission if you purchase their great Lightroom plugin, using this link:

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Here are more links about Intel’s line of 10th Generation, core processors:

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