Review: Moza AirCross 2 Mirrorless Camera Gimbal


In this video, I demo and review the Moza AirCross 2 Gimbal from Gudsen.

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If you’re interested in the AirCross 2 Gimbal, check it out on Gudsen’s website here:

Here are the cameras it’s compatible with:

Here is Gudsen’s video on how to balance the Gimbal:

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AirCross 2 Gimbal at Amazon:

Equipment shown in video:

Nikon Z6:
Nikon Z 24-70mm F4.0 Lens:

Equipment used to record the video:

Nikon D850:
Nikon 24-70mm F2.8 Lens:
Vanguard Tripod:
Siriu Ballhead:

My recommended gear list:

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