STUDIO TOUR!! This is where I take PICTURES


In this video, I show you my downtown Buffalo photography studio and most of the gear I use everyday.

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Lights, Modifiers & Stands

Einstein Strobe:
8.5″ Reflector:
22″ Beauty Dish:
30-degree Grid:
15-degree Grid:
Softboxes & Grids:
Cyber Commander:
CyberSync Trigger:
I misspoke in the video — The stands I have are 13′ not 9′:

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Other Stuff

White Seamless Paper:
Black Seamless Paper:
Gray Seamless Paper:
Backdrop Stand:
Brown Wood Backdrop:
5 in 1 Reflector (seen but not shown in video):
Sekonic Light Meter:
Video Lights (seen but not shown in video):
Gels (Not the one I own but similar):
60″ Umbrella:
Small Umbrella:
Reference Card Set:
Gray Card (Not the one I own but similar):

Gear Used to Record Video:

Nikon Z6:
Nikon Z 24-70mm F4.0 Lens:
Zoom F1 Field Recorder:
MeFOTO Travel Tripod:

My recommended gear list:

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