My New Affiliation


I am now an affiliate for Telestream

As many of you know, many of my videos are me demoing software and include shots of my computer screen. Over the years, sporadically, I’ve been asked what software I use to record my screen. Recently, I’d say over the past three months, I’ve been asked that question after almost every video I’d post. I’ve been using the same software for the past several years, love it, and thought, I should ask to be an affiliate. I did and they accepted! Now, when I recommend their product, I’ll make a commission on any sales and of course any money I receive goes right back into

The software I use to record my screen is Screenflow

I’ve been using it since version 5 — the current version is 8. All that zooming in on parts of the screen, fancy transitions from one part of the video to the next, text appearing on the screen, and having my keyboard entries be illustrated on the screen is done very easily in screenflow. If you need to make a video of your computer screen, Screenflow is for you. I cannot recommend it enough.

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If you’re interested in Screenflow, please click the banner above. Any ad below this sentence is a Google ad and will not count towards my affiliation.

Thank you everyone for your kind support!