Process My Photo – 2


This is a video series where I’d like you to download my image and process it any way you’d like then send your processed version of the image to me. Next week I’ll do a follow up video where we’ll look at a select number of images that I thought were interesting and on my website, I’ll have everyone’s image posted in a gallery for all to see.

In this episode, I look at the few images left from last week, I show you my version of the processed image, then I introduce a new image for this week.

Download this week’s image here:

Process the image any way you’d like using any applications you’d like then send me a JPG version of the image to me at:

Your JPG must have YOUR name, as the file name. For example:


Your JPG must have the long edge set to 2000 pixels.

Image must be attached to the email. Do not give me a Dropbox or Google Drive link.

In your email, tell me what you did. What applications you used, and any other tidbits of knowledge you’d like to share.

Send your processed version of this image to me no later than Saturday, April 20, 2019.

This image is Copyright ©Anthony Morganti All Rights Reserved

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***To be clear, I will not be critiquing each photo, there will not be time for that. I will show each image and mention what the photographer who processed did to it and if they tell me, why they processed it the way they did.