How I Got The Shot


New feature for my website, How I Got The Shot – borrowed from my Instagram feed (@AnthonyMorganti).

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Shot from top of the One Seneca Tower in the freezing windy cold


For this shot, I composed it, so the Buffalo River came out of the corner of the frame. I’ll often compose a scene, so a natural leading line cuts diagonally through the frame — it’s a solid composition element to have because it helps lead your viewer’s eyes through the frame.

I like this shot because it has numerous grain elevators, that pepper Buffalo’s waterways, in the frame.

Gear & Settings

Nikon D800e with Nikon 24-70mm F2.8 Lens⠀
7ft high tripod to get over roof ledge⠀
Live-view mode⠀
Settings: Aperture Priority Mode, 3-shot exposure bracket.⠀
Of the three, this shot was best exposed: 1/5 sec, F7.1, iso: 400 at 70mm⠀
(I had it initially set on F8.0 but must have hit the command dial inadvertently) ⠀
Spot metering — metered on the center grain elevator.⠀
Single point focus – focused on the center grain elevator.⠀
Shot RAW, processed in Lightroom and changed white-balance to tungsten — nothing else out of the ordinary in Lightroom. Sent to On1 Photo RAW and added Dynamic Contrast.

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