Amazon is Threatening to Delete Me


Well, they’re not threatening to delete me, personally — they’re threatening to delete my Influencer page due to lack of clicks.

The action is totally understandable. It’s my own fault — I haven’t really kept up on the page even though I’ve had the chance to try out a bunch of new gear. Also, I haven’t pushed the page — I haven’t posted about it, tweeted about it, or even mentioned it.

With that said, even though I don’t make much money from it, it isn’t something I want to lose because who knows… someday I might earn from it!

If you could do me a favor and CLICK HERE to visit my influencer page on Amazon — at least maybe they’ll be impressed with the clicks. Once you’re on the page, you can follow it as well and be updated when I add product.

Today, I added a bunch of cameras that I had the chance to play with. All of them except the one Canon camera, I actually have fiddled with to some extent. I added some lenses and other gear as well.

If you see something you like and you purchase it, I will make a commission on the sale and all money earned goes toward improving my videos — both content and production.

I vow to update it at least once a week — don’t worry, I won’t be spamming you when I update it — I’ll simply tweet the update and post it to my Learn Photography With Anthony Morganti Facebook page.

On the side of the homepage of this website is a permanent link to my Influencer page. This is what it looks like:


Please give it a CLICK now and then

Thank you for your kind consideration!