How I Got The Shot


New feature for my website, How I Got The Shot – borrowed from my Instagram feed (@AnthonyMorganti).

I used the pine trees as a natural frame to the building (Marcy Casino). I used single point focus and focused approximately 1/3rd of a way up from the bottom of the scene. This is a quick and easy method to focus landscapes so that as much as possible will be in focus. Typically, when you focus on an object, the depth of field will be twice as great behind the object when compared to the depth of field in front of the object hence, focusing 1//3rd of the way up into the scene will usually give good results.

I used spot metering and metered on the ice of the lake. Framed and took the picture – Shot RAW.

Nikon D850 with Nikon 24-70 F2.8 Lens
Aperture priority mode, spot metering, single point focus.
1/160, F8.0, iso: 64 at 44mm

Processed in Lightroom – basic panel – highlights, shadows, whites, blacks, clarity and added some saturation. Lens Corrections and I was done in Lightroom.

Sent to On1 Photo RAW 2019 Effects and added my own preset called, “Winter” from my On1 Effects Preset Pack which consists of 3 filters – a blue photo filter, lightly applied. Dynamic Contrast at 40% opacity, and a vignette.

Nothing else done.

Look for a new How I Got The Shot every week or so!

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