For the past couple of years, I’ve been writing a book about street photography. Initially titled, The Comprehensive Guide to Street Photography, I renamed it, Mastering Street Photography. I had a publisher interested, but when we began to discuss how much the book would sell for, I backed out. Because of the length of the book and the number of pictures in the book, the retail price would have been over $35.00. As many of you probably realize by now, I’m not doing this to become filthy rich and charging $36.99 for a book, to me, goes against my basic tenet of teaching photography as cheaply as possible and when possible, for free. So I decided to serialize the book, for free, here, on this website. Beginning in December, you’ll find a section of the book posted here and each day, I’ll post another part of the book until the entire book is published. I’ll simultaneously be serializing the book on Medium, which is, for those of you not familiar, a kind of online magazine.

If you’re interested in street photography, be sure to check out this website beginning December 1st for the book. Also, I started a new Instagram which I’ll be posting street images exclusively AND explaining my gear, philosophy as well as technical info such as camera settings. My main Instagram is @AnthonyMorganti, and I will continue to post non-street images there as well as camera settings and so on for those shots. My new street photography only Instagram is @AnthonyMorganti_Street_Photos  – each day, I’ll post one or two new street images and talk about how I made them.

So, if you’re interested in seeing images along with the settings used to make the photos, follow both of my Instagram accounts: