Questions & Answers: Episode 11


Here is episode 11 from my Question & Answers video series.

This video was originally published on my old website on August 3, 2017.

In this episode, I answer five different Lightroom related questions.

1.) I’m having a hard time processing my images, so they look “Real”. They often look too HDR. Can you give me some tips?
2.) I shoot RAW plus JPG, but when I import images into Lightroom, only the RAW files are showing up. Why?
3.) Which tutorial of yours do you demo how to take away saturation from part of the image where you don’t want it?
4.) For White Balance, do you use Auto White Balance or a specific setting?
5.) Can you do a tutorial on how to remove glare from glasses?

In the video, I mention a previous video I did demonstrating how to create white balance presets. You can view that video here:

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