Featured Photographer: Noni Levinson – Beauty in the Ordinary


Many things jump out when viewing Noni Levinson’s photography. One is the starkness of his black and white images. Another is how most of his pictures were taken from unique perspectives and finally, I love how Noni finds the beauty in the ordinary. Many of us would walk past these objects not thinking how we can use our camera to find their beauty. That, comes second nature to Noni Levinson.

View the work and read the words of Noni Levinson below then be sure to visit his website by CLICKING HERE.

Click on an image to make it larger. All work copyright © Noni Levinson and cannot be used in any form without his permission.

“I live in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil where I do three things that delight my soul: photography, motorcycling and mountaineering. A very good thing is that I can always combine photography with one of the other two and sometimes both.”


“In every bike route or trail ride I do, I take my camera and do my photos, which have a slightly different look from the majority. My, I would say, obsession, in details, is an exercise in seeing the beautiful, from the time of the click to the treatment of a photo.”


“I always take my camera along when I have a mountain trial or a motorcycle ride to do and snap pictures of things that interest me.”


“I was 18 years old when I first took an interest in photography — I had a laboratory at home. I taken photography more seriously, maybe the last 2 years.”


“I recently had a gallery show that turned out great! I think, because it was my first show, that I loved more the time leading up to the show — learning how to select my images and how each of the images had to talk to one-another.”


“Then I was introduced to Marco Araujo, a printer. He is a P&B photographer and know a lot of printing. It was the first time I printed in a pro way. He teach me a lot, we talked a lot about my photos. It was great!


“At the show day, was great, a small place and I had to do everything to expose my photos. Many people came and told love words about my photos, even some that I don’t know who they are. A good parameter that people liked is that I sold many photos, some more then one copy. Well I loved and thinking and do it again.


“The show was nice but ultimately, my photos make me happy, I took them for me, if someone like them is great, but is not my goal. Today I am not thinking to earn money with them, but it was good when I sold them on my show, so…”


“About my creative process, for sure I cannot put on words, so, I keep my eyes focused and let the things that excite me make my finger click.”



Gear Most Often Used

Canon T6
Canon 18-55mm Kit Lens
All processing done in Lightroom

Noni Levinson’s Website:




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