Changing My Patreon…


First of all, A big thank you to everyone that has given me donations, used my affiliate links, and purchased the things I sell in my Marketplace. It’s because of YOU I’m able to do what I love — TEACH PHOTOGRAPHY!

Many of you know, I have a Patreon page located here:

Compared to other photography teachers, my Patreon underperforms, earning, on average, 1/10th what is garnered by other teachers of photography but, that’s not surprising. Other teachers have videos that are exclusive to their Patreon subscribers so, if you subscribe to their channel, you’ll receive that premium content. I will always have my videos free on YouTube so having premium videos for my Patreon subscribers is out-of-the-question.

My contact at Patreon suggested that I delay my videos — post them to Patreon first then a week or so later, make them available to everyone. I’d never do that either — my free videos aren’t to be messed with! But, with that said, I would like to increase my Patreon subscription base. Here is what I’ve come up with:

Every month, I’ll have an exclusive package of Lightroom Presets, Lightroom Profiles, On1 Presets, Luminar Presets, Aurora 2018 Presets and LUT Files*. The packs will change every month.

So, every month they’ll be four (4) different preset packs, one (1) new profile pack and one new pack of LUTs. Each of the monthly packs will have ten new presets, 10 new profiles or 10 new LUTs and they’ll be exclusive to Patreon subscribers — never to be sold or made available anywhere else.

I have not updated my Patreon yet because I’m still figuring out the gift levels but I’m tentatively thinking of the following (subject to change):

$10.00 per month – Choice of any one (1) preset pack, profile or LUT.

$15.00 per month – Choice of any two (2) preset packs, profile or LUT.

$20.00 per month – Choice of any three (3) preset packs, profile or LUT.

I’m also going to add levels for monthly portfolio reviews and monthly image critiques. I’m not sure of the levels yet for those and whether those will involve emails only, emails and video, or emails and skype.

If you have any suggestions, email me at the contact email address located at the bottom of this page.

I plan to have all of this ready for my September Patreons

So keep an eye out for these changes!

*The LUT Files will work in any program that accepts a LUT including Luminar, On1 Photo RAW 2018.5, and Photoshop.