Questions & Answers: Episode 3


I’ll be out of town, on vacation, for the next few days. Until I get back, I’ll be posting some content that was originally posted to, but never posted here.

We’ll begin with some of my Question & Answer videos. Here is episode three from that series.

In this episode, I answer five different questions (I misspoke in the video and said “three”), all of them about Lightroom.

1.) What does that little circle in the top right hand corner of the thumbnail do?
2.) Can I make the thumbnails in the Grid View Larger?
3.) Is there a way to change the date and time that an image was taken?
4.) My computer imports DNG. Why is it doing that and should I use DNG instead of the original RAW file?
5.) Is there a way to embed the iso, shutter speed and aperture in an exported image?

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