Questions & Answers: Episode 15


This is episode 15 of a video series where I answer some of the questions I received during the week.

In this episode, I answer five different Lightroom related questions:

1.) What happens to my images if I cancel my Creative Cloud membership?
2.) Why do my Library folders show zero images even though there are images in the folders?
3.) The White Balance Eyedropper has to be reactivated with each click. It didn’t used to do that. Why?
4.) I cannot get precise slider adjustments and you once said how to do so. I can’t find that video. Can you tell me again?
5.) Lightroom is taking up a ton of space on my hard drive. Can it be compressed?

Over the next week or so, I’ll be moving all existing Questions & Answers videos to this website. Until then, CLICK HERE to watch them.

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