My Goals


Five years ago I made my first ever, how-to photography video. At the time I didn’t have a clear plan, strategy or goal in mind. I merely wanted to help people with their photography. As time went on and one video turned into two, then twenty, then two-hundred, until finally, over 800, my goals have become more apparent and defined yet, very lofty. Despite the loftiness of my goals, it’s time to share them with you.

My vision has always been known, to help people with their photography at no cost to them. My mission was to do it any way possible, and for five years now, YouTube was the most natural and cheapest way to accomplish that, and I plan to continue YouTube and hope to expand upon it which brings us to:

Goal #1

For five years my YouTube channel has been dominated by post-processing videos. I now have the equipment to go out into the field to make high-quality recordings of me, demonstrating various photographic techniques. I will be doing those videos very soon.

Goal #2

For five years you’ve watched me, a middle-aged…. ok, a little past middle age, white-man give you his insight on photography as he sees it. I want my channel to be a bit more diverse. I hope to partner with younger people to get another perspective. I also want my channel to reflect the vision of women and minorities, so I hope to have at least one younger woman and a younger person of color join me, in some of my videos. I think it will be interesting to see how we each see the world differently because all of us are so diverse in background and ultimately, how that affects our photography. Many of you probably cannot relate to me, but perhaps you’ll find a connection with someone that more shares your unique vision.

Goal #3

My studio is relatively small, and it’s located in a downtown Buffalo office building. I love it, but parking is an issue. When I have models and guests come up to my studio, they often have to park relatively far away and pay a considerable amount of money, that I reimburse them for, to park. I want to relocate to a different location with better parking, but mainly, I want a place where I can teach photography, hands-on, to people for free. I don’t want to be the only teacher though — I envision a building dedicated to teaching photography for free. Free seminars and workshops. Free training and advice. I want to help disadvantaged children discover photography. Photography is one of the few professions that one can do that doesn’t require a degree (at least in most countries). Unfortunately, the cost is prohibitive. I want to help people overcome that cost barrier.

Adobe Stock 25458116

This goal is the loftiest. It’s not impossible though — look no further than Khan Academy to see what can be accomplished. I envision what I want to do to be similar to Khan Academy except all subjects taught are photography related and, I have the added cost of a brick and mortar building to mentor students in person. Other than the building, all the online learning will be similar in function to Khan Academy.

Like Khan Academy, I will need corporate sponsorship to achieve this goal. I’m looking into getting set up as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. I think it would be in camera manufacturers, lighting manufacturers, photography retailers, and software developers best interest, to have as many people as possible, learning photography and pursuing it with passion.

My Ultimate Goal

My ultimate goal is to create a photography educational organization, that provides a free, world-class education for anyone, anywhere.

What You Can Do

Just keep doing what you do! Watch, share, and like my videos. If you can support the website with your purchase of the few things I do sell, or use my affiliate links, or if you could make a donation I would be very appreciative.

If you are affiliated with a photography related company and would like to get more involved by being a corporate sponsor, contact me so I can better explain my vision and get your feedback.

I also could use advice on getting corporate sponsorship. If you can offer me any, feel free to contact me as well.

If you’re a younger person in the Buffalo, New York area and can help me with Goal #2, contact me.

As Always, Thank You!

Anthony Morganti