Lightroom Portrait Retouching eBook


It has come to my attention that I don’t have any links or reference, on this, my new website, to my Lightroom Portrait Retouch eBook that I put out as “Donationware” a little more than a year ago. I wanted to put it on this website for those who are new to me, can learn about it, and get a copy of it for themselves.

I’m pleased to offer you my very short, 25-page eBook


Anthony Morganti’s 10-step Lightroom Portrait Retouch

In this eBook, I retouch a portrait step by step


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Pay whatever you can afford.

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The eBook is a PDF — you’ll need a PDF reader to open and read it

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This eBook isn’t meant to teach you Lightroom from the ground up. It is assumed that you are familiar with Lightroom and have used it in the past but may not know how to best utilize it for processing portraits. Furthermore, you’ll see that most of the basic processing is not included in any of the 10 steps. You hopefully have a properly exposed, focused and framed image that needs little basic processing — lens corrections and white balance are done then perhaps a slight Shadows – Highlights, Whites – Blacks adjustment. Once you have all that done, you can begin with this book,  Anthony Morganti’s 10-step Lightroom Portrait Retouch.