Cindy Sherman – Nobody’s Here But Me (1994)


I’ve been getting a lot of positive feedback about the documentary films I’ve been posting. Several people have asked me to post more, and a few have offered recommendations. Over the next several weeks I will post two or so documentaries a week, and I hope to cover a wide array of photography genres and a diverse array of photographers.

Today’s documentary is a relatively old one — from 1994 — about conceptual photographer Cindy Sherman. I have a soft spot in my heart for Ms. Sherman — as many of you know, I live in Buffalo, New York. Ms. Sherman graduated from Buffalo State College, which is the same college my oldest son graduated from and where my youngest son currently attends.

Ms. Sherman’s first studio was in Buffalo where she setup a kind of art collective called, Hallwalls along with other notable Buffalo State alumni, Robert LongoCharles Clough and State University of New York at Buffalo alum, Nancy Dwyer.

She wasn’t in Buffalo for long, moving to New York City where she achieved fame. In 1995, she was the recipient of a MacArthur Fellowship. In 2013 she received an honorary doctorate degree from the Royal College of Art, London.

If the art of photography interests you, I think you’ll enjoy this documentary.

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