If You Use Lens Filters Read This


I’m not a massive user of lens filters, but I do love ND Filters and Circular Polarizers. Unfortunately, a couple of issues when using filters would continually annoy me.

  1. If I wasn’t careful, my filter would get stuck to my lens
  2. Screwing on and off filters is a pain — particularly dark ND filters that had to be applied after exposure and focus were achieved. It’s difficult to screw the filter back on without accidentally changing focus or hitting something that affects exposure and cold weather didn’t help either.

I’d like to share with you two tools that I’ve been using to help with both of those issues.

Lens Filter Wrench

I was astonished at how well these work. They’re very simple and don’t look like much, but they unscrew those stubborn, stuck, lens filters without damaging them or most importantly, the lens.

I own the cheaper set shown below, and it works fine. I’ve included a slightly more expensive set that has better reviews. If you often use filters, you’ll need a set of these. Be sure to purchase the size to cover the filter size you most often use.


Xume Lens Filter Holder & Adapter

If you shoot using very dark ND Filters, you’ll know that your camera most often cannot achieve focus with the filter on so you must focus first then carefully screw on the filter being careful not to misadjust focus. The Xume Lens Filter Holder and Adapter are magnetized rings — one, the adapter, screws onto your lens and the other, the holder, screws on to your filter allowing you to place the filter on the lens where it will stay thanks to the rare earth magnets installed in each.

Although this is a solution to one problem, it is not a perfect one. If you’re shooting ultra wide angle, focal lengths wider than approximately 24mm, you may see some vignetting. Also, the filter ring, because of its magnets, can be tricky to unscrew from a metal filter and takes a bit of practice.

Overall, I think it’s a good solution particularly if you’re screwing on and off filters in cold weather.

Make sure you buy the size that will fit your filters. Below is a link for the 77mm kit that fits my 77mm filters and lenses. The package consists of one piece to go on one lens and two parts that go on two different filters. So you can quickly alternate between two different filters on one lens. This kit also includes a lens cap. There are larger kits available allowing you to fit more than two filters and more than one lens.

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