Gregory Heisler ILFORD Lecture: Companion to “50 Portraits” Book and Gallery Show February, 2013


In yesterday’s post about Jay Meisel, I mentioned that I’d post something about another fine photographer, Gregory Heisler.

Heisler will interest you if you’re a portrait photographer. He’s shot over seventy (70) Time Magazine covers including multiple Time Person of the Year portraits. Among the awards Heisler has received are: 1986 ASMP Corporate Photographer of the Year, 1988 Leica Medal of Excellence, 1991 World Image Award, 2000 Alfred Eisenstaedt Award.

In this video, Heisler offers details about select images from his book, 50 Portraits and along the way, offers quite a bit of insight on how he does portraiture. The video is a bit frustrating because of the way it was recorded, you often don’t get a good look at the image that he’s talking about.

I own Gregory Heisler’s book that is the subject of the video. It’s excellent and in it, he talks about fifty different photos he took — the situation, the challenges and the technical stuff a bit too. If you’re interested in portraiture and maybe shooting for Time Magazine someday, this book would likely interest you.

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