Printing in Lightroom – Episode :1 Screen Calibration


Printing in Lightroom can be confusing if not intimidating. In this four-part mini-series, I will teach you how to get great prints in Lightroom whether you print them yourself or send them off to a lab.

In this, the first episode, I demonstrate how to calibrate a monitor. A properly calibrated monitor is ESSENTIAL to achieving beautiful prints because you must be certain when you’re processing an image that the colors, brightness and contrast that you see on your screen, will be what is printed on the paper.

In the video, I use a Spyder5Pro from Datacolor. Since the making of the video, Datacolor has changed their line slightly so that if one wants to have constant light monitoring, which I feel is very important, they’ll need the Spyder5Elite. The link below is for that product:



The ColorMunki Display is pretty much equivalent to the Datacolor Spyder5Elite and offers constant light monitoring as well.

I found the Datacolor Spyder5Elite to do a better job on my mid2012 15″ Retina Display MacBook Pro but I’ve received reports that the Spyder5Elite does a horrible job on the Retina Display iMac’s. I have a non-retina display 27″ iMac and although the Spyder5Elite does a fine job, I believe the ColorMunki Display does a better job on that computer. Purely subjective opinion.

ColorMunki Display Pro


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