Morganti Infrared Lightroom Profiles


In this video, I demonstrate Morganti Infrared Lightroom Profiles. If you’re into infrared photography, shooting with an infrared converted camera, you know that the resultant image is quite unappealing and to make it look like a beautiful infrared image, you need to bring it into a program such as Photoshop to swap channels and do other color manipulations. With the advent of Lightroom 7.3 and the ability to create Profiles that incorporate LUT files, I was able to create profiles that do the Photoshop conversion for you.

Included in the bundle are 21 Profiles that convert infrared images of varying wavelengths. One each for the 720nm, 665nm, and 590nm as well as three more each that add varying degrees of contrast to the image. Additionally there are a few that increase or diminish blue and yellow and a number that perform a B&W conversion.

You can do the profile first then do your normal Lightroom processing or do the Lightroom processing first and add the profile later. It doesn’t matter but you must have at least Lightroom version 7.3 for these profiles to work.



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Note that these profiles are meant for infrared images. They will not work on normal digital images nor will make a normal digital image, “infrared”.


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Watch this video for information on how to install them into Lightroom.




***Important Info***

Be aware that these profiles only work with Lightroom version 7.3 on up — they will not work with earlier versions of Lightroom. The DO work with the current version of Adobe Camera RAW.

Before you purchase, make sure that your computer has the “Settings” folder that the profiles must be installed into for them to work. Reports are that if you didn’t upgrade Photoshop CC to the current version, you won’t have the required folder or if you installed Photoshop into a different location than what Adobe defaults the installation to, you won’t have the folder in the location I indicate.

View the video above to help you find the required, “Settings” folder and/or, use these direct links:





/Library/Application Support/Adobe/CameraRaw/Settings