What is This?

I mentioned last month that on the first of every month I would give an update on the donations I received and what I’m doing with your money. Scroll down to the bottom to see how I’m using your money to improve my content.




Usually I receive three (3) to five (5) donations via PayPal per month with the total of all them most often being under $100. For the month of April, I was very humbled to receive a total of twenty-eight (28) PayPal donations totaling $612.50 gross, $583.03 after PayPal fees. As a comparison, for the month of March, I had five (5) one-time PayPal donations totaling $80.00 gross.

The good news keeps coming….

Monthly Subscribers

Viewers have the option of making monthly donations — YouTube calls them Subscribers. In March I had seven (7) subscribers. For May, that number has increased to twelve (12) making a grand total of $52.00 gross in donations, $46.58 after PayPal fees.


People can also donate to me through Patreon, a service that specializes in facilitating donations to people creating YouTube content. In March, I had sixty-two (62) Patreons donating, $216.00. The numbers have increased for April. I now have seventy-one (71) Patreons donating a total of $237.00.


I received a $50.00 check in the mail from Loyd H. Thank you Loyd!



If You’re Interested In Helping…


The Easiest Way

Simply share my videos on social media — Facebook Groups and Pages, Twitter, Vero, Tumblr, etc. Also share my videos with your camera club or with any group that might be interested. The more you can help me get the word out about my videos and website, the easier it will be for me to get continued funding.


I receive donations via three different sources:


Click Here to donate to me via Patreon


Click here to make a one-time or monthly donation via PayPal.

Scroll down toward the bottom and you’ll find the PayPal Donate Buttons.


Please include a return address so I can mail a thank you card.

Mail donations to:

Anthony Morganti

P.O. Box 805

Buffalo, New York 14220

Affiliate Commissions

I’m an affiliate for a number of companies. If you purchase from those companies using my URL link to their website, I will make a commission on the sale and I also offer a discount code for a number of the those companies. My affiliate commissions went down over the month of April and have been trending down since mid-2017 — I’m not sure why but I hope it doesn’t continue. Remember, when you use my link to purchase from any of the companies, you will not pay one cent more for your product.

I’m currently an affiliate for:

Adobe Software

Amazon.com (I’m commissioned on all products — not just photographic equipment)

B&H Photo Video


Skylum/Macphun Software*

On1 Software*

Topaz Labs Software*

*Discount Code available

Click here to get the discount codes I have available and for the links to the companies I’m affiliated with. 

I’ve also recently become an affiliate for SmugMug and will have links and banners up soon.

Stuff I Sell

Most of my income is derived by the few things I sell although sales have been abysmal since the new year. Click on the links below to see more details:

Lightroom Presets

Lightroom Profiles

Luminar 2018 Presets

Aurora 2018 Presets

Photomatix Presets

Aurora 2018 Cheat Sheets

Free Stuff

I also offer some free stuff and with it, one can make a donation if they choose:

Luminar 2018 LUT Files

Lightroom Keyboard Shortcuts

10-Step Lightroom Portrait Retouch eBook



What I’m Doing With Your Money

New Website

Since donations were so robust in April, I finally began the new website. Many of you know that AnthonyMorganti.com kind of stinks. It’s relatively ugly and doesn’t format videos correctly on most mobile devices. It’s been long overdue for an overhaul. Unfortunately, the website wasn’t scaleable nor was it easily improvable. I needed to scrap it completely and start new. So, I did! The new website is called:

Online Photography Training

It’s a work-in-progress but I think you’ll find that it’s better and will provide you with a much better experience.

I pre-paid for two years of web hosting so we should be set for a while.

Giving Back

Whenever I can afford to, I’ll do my best to give back to my community. Since the donations were so robust in April, today I made a $50.00 donation to The Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center.  The professionals are Roswell are, quite literally, life-savers. They saved my son Joe’s life and I can never, ever, adequately repay them for that.


A Little Bad News…

My wife called me while I was writing this. Due to corporate restructuring they’re eliminating her job. She’s pretty down about it but I hope to convince here that it’s a new door opening, offering her an exciting opportunity for the future.


Thank You!

As always, thank you very much! I know I say it at the end of every video, and I hope it doesn’t sound rote. I sincerely appreciate everyone that watches my videos and cares about what I have to say. I’d also like to take a quick moment to thank everyone for their kind support during my son Joe’s recent illness. Everyone that offered their kind words of support helped me tremendously, and words cannot express my gratitude. Thank you!